In his book The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross (1971), John Marco Allegro shares his findings on the dead sea scrolls, and with it, an - at the time - unwelcome truth about the origins of Christianity. Namely that Jesus is in fact the fly agaric personified.
Making this information public destroyed Allegro's career as a renowned professor of Aramaic languages. Pretty soon several books where written that were funded by the Catholic church to discredit Allegro's claims. Nevertheless over the years an increasing number of professional linguists have come forward acknowledging what Allegro stood by.
Excerpt from The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross:
The means of conveying the information were at hand, and had been for thousands of years. The folk-tales of the ancients had from the earliest times contained myths based upon the personification of plants and trees. They were invested with human faculties and qualities and their names and physical characteristics were applied to the heroes and heroines of the stories. Some of these were just tales spun for entertainment, others were political parables like Jotham's fable about the trees in the Old Testament, while others were means of remembering and transmitting therapeutic folk-lore. The names of the plants were spun out to make the basis of the stories, whereby the creatures of fantasy were identified, dressed, and made to enact their parts. Here, then, was the literary device to spread occult knowledge to the faithful. To tell the story of a rabbi called Jesus, and invest him with the power and names of the magic drug. To have him live before the terrible events that had disrupted their lives, to preach a love between men, extending even to the hated Romans. Thus, reading such a tale, should it fall into Roman hands, even their mortal enemies might be deceived and not probe farther into the activities of the cells of the mystery cults within their territories.
The old testament also contains Amanita muscaria reference, according to Allegro. The forbidden fruit that Eve was tempted into eating by the snake is this reference. But since Jesus also tells us to eat his body, does that mean that Lucifer and the saviour are the same entity? Or do they simply give the same anti-authoritarian dietary advice?
Whichever way, I considered the book a good read. It touches a broad spectrum of subjects related to ancient culture and the development of language, giving insight into one of the most influential stories in human history as well as our relation to psychedelic fungi. Leaving you baffled about this seemingly forgotten fact.


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