I presented my beautiful friend "Moni", since she was very small she was rescued by some friends of mine, and although she is wonderful and charming, my invitation is to respect the habitat of animals like these, because to get them they must be removed from their natural habitat, even kill the mother monkeys to obtain the offspring whose fate is often uncertain.

No to buying furtive animals

There are several types of people, those who love animals and believe that by having them at home they will be better, those that hunt for fun, those that hunt for skin, food, etc. and those that hunt to sell animals; Well, the truth is that they are all very bad, there is no better habitat for these animals than their home, the jungle, and although we provide a lot of love it will never be the same, Moni's case is a little different, because it was rescued very small and already at his age he is not able to survive on his own, animals need their space, their place, they need nature and there are more and more cases of animals in danger of extinction due to hunting them, or fashions to have them as a pet, the truth is that the purchase of these animals in many places is punishable by law, but in other places, it does not seem normal to obtain animals such as parrots, monkeys, even snakes; The fight to protect the homes of hundreds of animals is something that has always existed and it is necessary to create awareness of how they are an important part of natural cycles and their purchase and is leading to us even to our own destruction.
Without animals in forests, jungles, savannas, etc; life would not have cycles and that's why they represent a link in the food chain and the chain of life, if you really bet on the love of animals, the best will always be that they live where they have their ecological niche, their true home ; echo and raise awareness is very important, because we are killing thousands of species.

Let's help those who do not have a voice

A world that silences you with a shot, for a few dollar stories, for some skins, for something of ivory or for simple entertainment, let's help those who can not scream. Enough, let us help to echo and turn our backs on these acts so cruel and ruthless of the human race, which is often so cruel that I feel we do not reason, we have enough to consume meat products, cause pain to an animal for pleasure or to obtain money product of his death is to be murderer and to shut it is to be an accomplice, the accomplice of a catastrophe and environmental tragedy, then we wonder why animals become endangered and even because many of these disappear, the following images are raw, and show a bit of the face of the furtive hunt, we are potential killers:
Those who can not cry out to us, the innocent, born on this same planet, with many functions less to destroy, but apparently human beings if we were born with that gene of damaging everything, of destroying and ending even with species, we are murderers and we are self-destroying, we ourselves are our worst enemy, every time the opportunity arises I echo and call for reflection, to be more aware, to understand that these animals belong to place and perform functions extraordinary in our planet, in that if we continue acting as we acted in a few years will not be a species that is extinguished, but hundreds and thousands, we are not accomplices.

If you want a pet, adopt one

There are thousands of animals on the street, waiting to have owners, to have a home, these animals are adapted to a lifestyle and the city, they are perfect pets for a house, for a family, when you see sales of exotic animals you must report it, do not be an accomplice, do not accept animals that will be suffering in a cage all their lives, do not condemn them, respect their freedom, respect nature and understand that the innocent without a voice can not help but be silent, in their eyes, you can see their longing, your dream, be free again.


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