🇺🇸 Space Diet: A Scoop of Poop! Astronauts on Deep-Space Missions to Survive Off of Their Own Poop | Scientists use microbe to convert human poop into food for astronauts | Making Space Food With Space Poop | Space poop: Astronaut feces on menu for future missions to Mars, study claims | How recycled astronaut poop might sustain a mission to Mars | Scientists Are Figuring Out How to Get Astronauts to Eat Their Own Poop | Scientists explore using astronaut poop to make space food "We collect the solid and liquid waste from the astronaut and we put it into a reactor where we have a mixed group of bacteria that break that waste down," Lisa Steinberg says. "And from that they produce methane, which is a gas. And then that methane can be fed to a second type of bacteria — that it grows up and then the cells themselves have a lot of protein, have a lot of fat."
🇧🇷 "É um conceito um pouco estranho", reconhece Christopher House, professor de Geociências na Universidade da Pensilvânia, nos Estados Unidos.
Sua equipe desenvolveu um método para decompor urina e excremento humanos para criar alimentos para... os próprios humanos.
A técnica consiste em quebrar as partículas de resíduos líquidos e sólidos e, com a ajuda de reações microbianas, transformá-los em comida. Leia na BBC


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