Good day friends of Yours. I hope you are very well, in this post I will explain the reason why I love the mandalas, what they are, what they mean, what they mean to me, what culture they are used in and much more, if you did not know what they are for Beautiful shapes here you will have the answers. I love to draw mandalas everywhere and have them everywhere, I love having them close as they produce happiness and wellbeing and also have beautiful shapes and many colors that look beautiful everywhere! What are the mandalas? The mandalas are symbolic spiritual representations and rituals of the macrocosm and the microcosm, used in Buddhism and Hinduism. The mandalas are becoming more known every day and attract the attention of people of all ages. What not everyone knows is that they have an interpretation according to their shape and color, becoming powerful allies in meditation as in healing. The mandala has its origin in India and its name in Sanskrit means "circle or wheel", passing to represent its basic characteristic, although they can be of different forms incorporating all the geometric figures. For Buddhists, their function is meditation. However, the most important process for them is the "creation" of these as it is a "journey" that shows the experiences of the moment of the designer and being the connection between man and divinity, both in the process of creation, to have it for observation or as an ornament. "From the spiritual point of view, it is an energetic center of balance and purification that helps to transform the environment and the mind of those who meditate on them" What do they mean to me? for me the mandalas are like a therapy in fact they are used as therapy to clear the mind, which produces relaxation and well-being. Drawing or painting mandalas is a therapy that is being used more and more every day. Its design is free and its meaning will depend on its shapes and colors.
As you can see I always carry them with me either painted in my room or in notebooks, every time I can draw them I do it, as in work for example



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