Near San Cristóbal/Tachira/Venezuela, you will find the Chorro del Indio National Park. It is a magical place with its stories, traditions and legends. The legend says that there were two rival ethnic groups and the son of one of the caciques fell in love with the daughter of the other cacique. When the girl's father found out he killed the young man and his disconsolate daughter cried, wept and cried, and that was what gave rise to the waterfall.
It is a place that Sancristobalenses use to exercise, enjoy an excellent climate, with a very pleasant temperature and fresh and pure air. It is what is called a "Sanctuary of life" where birds come to mate and humans can fill their lungs with pure air. They say that a deep inhalation of air of 10 seconds gives one another year of life.
Its extension is 17,000 hectares, full of abundant vegetation, streams and rivers, and was declared a national park in July 1989. In its slopes are born the streams Cordera, Chivata, Portrera, Bermeja, Chucuri and Aza, and Chorro El Indio that has a waterfall at the height of the old road to Macanillo that falls from 1,140 meters above sea level. Much of these water resources are used in the supply of rural and urban aqueducts. The Zuñiga and Potosí rivers and the Cachima, Verdosa and Lindera streams, which have a greater flow than those of the western slope and whose waters are partially used for the supply of the Táchira Regional Aqueduct and others, are also born on the eastern slope of the Sierra la Maravilla. rural aqueducts
( City View) To get to El Chorro del Indio Park, you must take the San Cristóbal - Macanillo - Potosí road. While there you can see some native species such as the bear frontino, baquiro, anteater, mapanare, coral and bejuca...


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