Censorship-proof, decentralized on-chain social network: memo.cash
It looks like y'all are having loads of fun over there (BCH Twitter does seem a bit quieter these days).
Or maybe I don't trust myself (yet) to use a social network that has no delete button. I'm prone to oversharing at times. And like most people of my generation I am very grateful that the stupid things we did and said in our teens and 20s are not recorded on any form of social media.
A few things I am still learning with age:
  • it's not always better to be "right"
  • nobody really knows what they are doing (we are all muddling through life)
  • how little you know (or can assume about others)
  • actions speak louder than words (It's what you do when nobody is watching that counts. Also, children will do as you do, not as you say.)
  • ego is a bitch
  • life is short-ish, try new things
  • less complaining, more doing, and more listening
  • people like to be heard and understood

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The flat earth thread is bigger than it should be over there, but otherwise such a cool project to see grow.
> I'm prone to oversharing at times.
Example please
   1yr ago
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@Crypto_Collectibles, I've not heard of this flat earth thread, lol.
Oversharing: contents of my purse, for ex. ;)
   1yr ago
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@satoshidoodles Currently the Memo dot Cash Flat Earth Society is up to 572 posts https://memo.cash/topic/Flat+Earth
   1yr ago
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Satoshi doodles, no matter what you post forever permanently on the blockchain, there will be at least one person that will get something from it. I, for one, wouldn't judge anything you post. People post flat earth on there. You can't go astray! Freedom to post! Freedom!
   1yr ago
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@Jaron, that is reassuring feedback. Hooray for freedom!
   1yr ago