... please watch this video FULLY no matter how disgusted you might feel (I know you will because you are still highly brainwashed by all of the propaganda your own government put you through your whole life... your parents lives and their parents lives). This video is from 1986 which is 33 years ago, so if you are in your 30's you should see that what is happening in US today is nothing new, and in fact has been going on long before you were even born.
If you watch this, listen to all the facts about who did what and WHY over the past century alone, and you still can't see that it is your own country which is ruled by Capitalist Rich "Elites" and that it is your own government that lied to you about everything and that it is not Socialism or Communism that is a threat to you, or your family... then you are really no better then BTC maximalists not being able to see the obvious.
Here is the video:
This all boils down to one thing:
The Right side politics is what is actually to maintain the Status Quo and it is people who have it good in this existing system that are defending it, and it is the Left side of politics (actual Socialist and Communists and not the fake Liberals that Democratic party pretend to be) that are for a change of the existing system into a better one, to remove Privatisation of natural resources and to change the hierarchy from top-down Pyramid type power structure that exists in Capitalism, to democratic down-up power structure... to DEMOCRATISE ECONOMY so that the working people... ALL PEOPLE can have a better standard of living, and removing this extreme wealth from few individuals and their massive influence from politics would stop all the war mongering of the US and its NATO allies.

Capitalism vs Communism is an economic class warfare of the RICH vs the WORKERS
Russia is always the target by the west because the capitalist ruling class don't want to have their power taken away from them... WWI and WWII and Cold War and terrorism and all these "regime" changes, are creations of the Capitalist ruling class and America is the one doing it all (and to much lesser extent UK and rest of the NATO countries).

Please tell me that you finally understand what I have been talking about all this time?