If you never heard of him, you are not alone, I had to check, doublecheck and tripplecheck his credentials and network, but wow, what a futurist! He is out with a new book called Life after Google.
He is said to be Steve Jobs inspiration for the Iphone, amongst many other predictions.
I encountered a video of him being interviewed, which is very informative. See it Here Sounded amazing, a paradigm shift in technology, in some way connected with blockchain, taking back personal privacy and stopping the advertisement economy as we know it. In other words a huge shift in distribution of wealth and power.
It lead me to discover BSV and it's devoted community.


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I read the book last year and I reread most of it again early this year to make sure I got all his points. I credit the book for getting me to dive through the BTC, Ethereum and Dapp noise out on the internet and to get me seek out Craig Wrights talks directly. I recommend the book, especially to people who come from a technology background but are just starting to catch up on the blockchain world. Like me, the problem people might have had in past years was that you were listening to the wrong people. Interestingly, Gilder gives very little space in his book of almost 300 pages to these 'wrong people'. In other words, Gilder is a smart enough guy to slice away a lot of garbage out there. In this way, he does the reader a great service. There is a lot of fruit for your own research in the book including the bibliography.
Some drawbacks... The first 1/3 of the book is a cumbersome read. The first 100 pages lay out context of his case in all sorts of directions. Also, the material is over a year old now. A lot has happened since this book was written, especially with BSV. He does give a whole chapter to the BlockStack guys, which leaves the impression he sees them as prominent in the future. I wonder if Gilder views the landscape the same today, mid-2019. Certainly BSV looks best positioned now.
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