1893 Chicago's Columbian Exposition explores the World's Fair via a collection of photos taken during the event as well as the words and modern photography taken by the books curator Michael Finney.
This is Mr. Finney's book debut and has self published the first edition via Amazon. "I reached out to a few publishers that seemed to be a good fit for this release but was unable to get a commitment from an established indie entity", he said before adding, "It's wonderful to release this and into the hands of folks that are interested in reading the words or looking at the images.
This project started when the author acquired a book of official photographs published in 1893 to document the Chicago World's Fair from a client that is an antiquarian book dealer. After creating a thread of images and commentary on Twitter, Michael decided to gather up the entries and attempt to craft a narrative from the individual entries. "Creating this book has been a really organic process that I just sort of fell backwards into without the foresight to create an object with physical permanence. It's really amazing to hold the finished product after spending a year generating this book", he said.
Look for future releases in coordination with this book soon.

About Michael Finney
Michael Finney is a full spectrum content producer from the Midwest. He has explored music, audio, video, photography, and writing over a twenty year career that has taken him across the United States as well as overseas. Michael has provided the skills required for media production to a wide range of clients in many industries as an independent contractor. Additionally, he has a deep interest in technology and has worked within the telecom industry in a variety of applications.
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