When I first started using Yours, I was not sure what to make of 1.7 cent payments. Now I am happy to post some artwork and receive tiny (and not so tiny) amounts like fairy dust in my sleep. It's not nearly enough to pay the rent, but small amounts do add up over a long period of time to become savings.
My two satoshis:
Clearly there is a large chasm that has formed (and is being nurtured by an army of all kinds of sockpuppets) in Bitcoin Cash.
I find it unsurprising that the social media sentiment has recently turned away from attacking Roger Ver to be laser focused on CSW (and associated supporters) at a fever pitch.
Based only on my personal experiences and curiosity as a layperson in using Bitcoin Cash over the last year:
The people/projects/companies on the SV-supporting side of this craziness seem to be the ones who are primarily, although not exclusively, making apps and tools that are SUPER EASY for NORMAL PEOPLE to ACTUALLY USE (with almost zero technical support).
Isn't that interesting?
When your goals are to promote a new world money, there is sure to be strong opposition from those who have the most power to lose. Global adoption of Bitcoin Cash does not happen unless average people can use it easily. (e.g. Yours.org, Money Button, Handcash, Centbee) A split in the network of Bitcoin Cash users would be a perfect outcome for the aforementioned powers that be.
Recently, I tried out Keyport.tv to watch some videos. Some are currently free to view, and others charge amounts such as $0.005 per minute (you only pay for the minutes watched). It has a clean, ad-free user interface. Early reports are that videos are easy and quick to upload. You could imagine there would be quite a large market for this kind of user-friendly platform for earning cryptocurrency.
To be clear, I do not profess to remotely understand the intentions of actors or scope of possibilities for the 15th of November and coming months. I am horrified by the negative attention-seeking, bridge-burning tweets that are supposed to make our heads turn (and necks snap?) in disbelief. I watched Falkvinge's video warnings and read the manifesto posted today on r/btc. I do not prefer authoritarianism.
I do realize that events to unfold are beyond my control, expecting the worst and hoping for the best in the long term.