This is going to be short, but this article is about how Microsoft is targeting us and discriminate against us based on our Windows 10 settings. This is all speculation - but not really. ;)
Microsoft is intentionally using their Windows 10 updates, privacy, security, activity and "Cortana" settings to disrupt your life and make it more difficult. If you are not aware of whether or not you have your microphone enabled you can do so by checking one of many settings that allows Microsoft to actively listen to everything you are saying - and what you say matters to Microsoft.
Cortana, Apps and specific Microsoft activities can record your voice just like an Alexa. This information is absolutely being used to target you with unnecessary updates, (which can be made to be longer than necessary) intentional vulnerabilities (not everyone is being pushed the same update) and selective slow downs for service.
All of this occurs because Microsoft has an algorithm that will process your activity (including what you type, how you type, what you write about, what web pages you visit, how many photos you upload, what porn you watch, how often you do these activities and much much more), then they compare it to existing social media data, and create a realistic model of you that they use to manipulate you on a level we've never seen before.
Microsoft does not and will never have to release their source code - even if compelled by a judge, they would take it to the Supreme Court before they would ever reveal their source code algorithms proving they do this to people.
Don't think that's possible? Think that's ridiculous? Well, several years ago (as some of you may remember) Facebook was intentionally hiding comments on peoples feeds, pictures and posts to test how those individuals responded. This was pitched as a social experiment to better understand community engagement. What it really was was an intentional targeting of people by Facebook to exacerbate existing mental illnesses, silence political opposition, and force people to leave Facebook through feeling unheard and isolated. (It worked extremely well - that's why they knew no one would leave...ever)
Microsoft is not the only one and they weren't the first. They are absolutely using all of your data against you and will, especially in time, goosestep you into absolute submission through psychonaught warfare of a whole new kind. Power corrupts absolutely and Bill Gates' army of technocrats are absolutely more powerful than you. An individual user.
Time to switch to Linux.


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