I look in the mirror and I feel helpless, as my world is collapsing and I'm still waiting for divine help, someone tell me you're not as unsuccessful as they used to say to you, that when you sing the appropriate vibrations and my body does not fill up Nerves for demonstrating what I love doing and what keeps me calm.
Because those hurricane days in which I would like to go along with the music grabs me and puts my feet on the ground, it allows me to have a positive outlook and to long to open my eyelids the next day. Because when we were little they thought that we would judge and stab our self-esteem, was considered an aid for what comes in adulthood?
Who exploited the prejudices and made me one day to see myself in the mirror, and think that I should not be born as the years pass and they all do great things and I still paint eyes as if they were the only thing in the universe. Could someone explain it to me? Maybe I'm a little paranoid? Or crazy!
They say that opportunities and fortune comes in due time, you can not rush things, much less be more than a worm. I take my opportune time, to close my eyes and ask myself can I be what that 5-year-old girl dreamed? You're an odious improvement in the flesh!
I have so many ideas and goals but few compliments are nothing less satisfying than, having many ambitions and that for one reason or another do not end as expected, they kill you! they make the beautiful seed of failure flourish. The excuses and the fear of thinking what others will think when they hear me sing It is oppressive! They can destroy the little ego that I still have, so I sing softer, although inside I'm screaming, like a good soprano.
In front I am one, inside another, I can not stand the idea that someone knows how frustrated, emotional and hateful I am, I do not want to have those negative qualities. Tell me who would love? I do not have the slightest idea why I usually respond in this way, I take it perhaps as a cloak of protection. Human beings are miserable! IF YOU ARE DISGRACED!
Narcissistic, envious, selfish and hateful Is that what we want you to think about us? Maybe we are, but we are not a diamond so perfect, that it can only be cut by it. See it? not something so valuable and brilliant is the height of perfection.
Maybe we focus on that tiny black dot on a beautiful champagne-colored sheet, it's just a point! It's so small but impossible to lose sight of, illogical no? that instead of seeing the beauty of a beautiful champagne color, or in this case of what we really are and can become, we look at simple stupidities ...