Greetings friends of YOURS, I am happy to be able to write again for you, today I wanted to come here to share and vent a little day by day, many of you already know the situation that exists in this beautiful country, Venezuela, which despite to be filled by talented people of great values and virtues, surrounded by natural resources and excellent landscapes, we are sadly submerged in the bad decisions of a government that has stolen the joy of many families, which have seen many of their loved ones and is that for youth is not easy to stay in a place where a job does not guarantee or daily food much less a stability to build a family.
I particularly love my family and although sometimes I want to run away and look for a better future, I do not have the resources to do it, and most importantly my old people need me now more than ever, recently we had a very close relative sick, a tumor surprised, the news paralyzed us as a family, nothing easy to tell the implications it has, and the most urgent need for emergency surgery since it occupied almost the entire larynx and part of being obstructive for food the biggest problem was that it could stop breathing, unfortunately the discomfort caused by the tumor was confused with a respiratory problem since our relative has been asthmatic since childhood, and was not detected in time.

We unite as the great family that we are and thanks to God and the work of an excellent specialist in otolaryngology emergency surgery was performed, three long hours waiting for some news of the operating room, the tumor had already taken part of the larynx, so it was not completely removed and although the surgery and recovery have been a success since now nothing obstructs the ability to breathe or feed, we are left with the concern of the biopsy to be performed, of which we are waiting for results begging not to find ourselves involved in the midst of how terrible cancer can be in a country where it is difficult to have the resources even to buy acetaminophen or a simple antibiotic.

Today I wanted to share all this here because sometimes I am the strong one of the family, I do not share my worries with them and I find here a way to vent the worry and anguish that I have lived, together with the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen to us face in the following days. Thank you for reading and being able to be my confidants on this day.


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