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Jesús Alberto Morin (Born January 19, 1988, baptized as Jesús Alberto Morin Morillo) is a singer of Hard Rock & Alternative is a Composer, a Record Producer with his label "The Pot", is a computer technician and comedian. Originally from Aragua and San Jacinto, Venezuela. Morin spent his high school and university years in Maracay. After serving a family business and in the total delivery of Valle Morin town of the Aragua state in the 1999s, he attended the Santiago Mariño Polytechnic University Institute and dedicated his time later to what he called "Art and Design & Undergound Rock" He stood there in firm essays. He moved to Barquisimeto, Lara in 2012 to pursue his musical career. He formed the Fibonacci band with Johan Parra shortly after his Project with the band Disafter. Jesus Morin is best known as the vocalist of the Rock Fibonacci and Disafter bands, with whom he has published 9 podcasts and a studio album, respectively. In 2013 he created Undergreen as a parallel project, and the most recording funding for his first studio album was in October 2013. Since the rise of his fame, Jesus has been singled out, although he appears publicly to support bands and causes of beneficence. In addition to his musical career, he has acted as a comedian of improvised stand-up days and has ventured as a journalist after having studied several periods at the Bicentennial University of Aragua where he has also promoted himself as an actor.
 Jesus Morin on January 19, 1988 in Caracas, Venezuela, First son of the marriage of Coromoto Morillo and Jesus Eleazar Morin. Jesus from an early age felt fixation for the music in particular Alternative Rock of the generation of the 90s because his sister shared with him these diverse tastes, he went into the trends of Rock & Metal with his aptitudes due to his devotion to Hard-Rock following bands like Korn, Tool and Guns n Roses was modulating various techniques studying singing and intonations applying vocal techniques according to the precise instructions of the Opera Master "Alfredo Kraus" thus dominating high tonal ranges and reaching smaller and greater scales Through the resonance and vibrato that the syllables like the "I" & the "O" produced, Jesus was resided in San Jacinto in a Christian family. His parents currently live together as a family and his father, who was a high school teacher, moved to Aragua state, Pueblo Valle Morin, so Jesus could only share with him in that place for a few years. His mother is retired as a science teacher, Jesus .A. He was part of projects in a family business but due to problems with his father he went to live in an "intolerant home" shortly after he says he has entered into spiritual worlds which leads to a series of events that impact Jesus that together with a purpose Misinterpretation was going to psychologically unstable and paranoid states by a person who would later serve as inspiration for many of his subjects, hence many of his creative works. A few years later, his Father persuaded Jesus to live outside his home in Venezuela, deceiving him and driving him away, this in many failed attempts as Jesus considers this was one of the best decisions he made in his life since he would later realize that his intolerance and contemptuous way in which his father treated him would make him realize that the purpose of living in his home was to protect his mother's home and family, shortly after considering his father as a symbolic father but not for he with a real father role., He is currently working on Network Systems prototypes and on a new record project called "Unstable Disk" with the band Disafter, he conducts private studies with professional Musicians such as Raphael Serpa, Olinto Lopez, David Romero , Alejandro Rodriguez, and to whom by measure of the years he has managed to understand the structuring and musical composition thanks to the Master "Sublei" Representative of the To the Federico Viñeda 2014 School of Music, in mid-2015 Jesus performs a series of events and new production entering Progressive Metal a few years later dedicating his time to studying the composition and tonal ranges of great vocalists such as Jonathan Davis, Maynard James Keenan , Axel Roses.
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