I 100% believe all animals are talking badly about you and about each other. I have absolutely nothing to back this statement up, other than this cartoon I made.
How about little backstory to this one? I have always believed small animals are jerks, I don't know why. They just have this look to them. Always ready to bite, or call you some disgusting name or drop a really stupid pun.
I realize not everyone thinks this way. I also realize I'm probably just a crazy person that has too much time on my hands. Also, I sat down and made a cartoon about this for the world to see, so yeah, I probably have too much time.
You know some pets are awesome and I give all my love to every animal I come across. I just don't expect them to not talk shit behind my back, and you probably shouldn't either.
Paid content is just a little cute jerk, but if you help a girl out I will give you theoretical gold star!


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I fucking love the frog.
And the paywall is extra QT this time.
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