The past few days have been quite a ride! This rollercoaster is reminiscent of late 2013, except now there is much more skin in the game.
Buy this article to learn how I'm thinking about BTC, BCH, and Ripple right now. I cover:
  • My history with BTC, BCH, and Ripple
  • BTC was (and still is) my first crypto and it has a special place in my heart, and how I'm using it now.
  • Why I don't regret using BTC early on, despite its price now.
  • How BCH is very similar to early BTC.
  • Why I don't day trade.
  • Which horse I'm backing in the BTC vs BCH race.
  • Why I sold off my Ripple holdings.


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Charging BCH for meetings , or at least those that take too long...brilliant.... ;-)
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My bet is Segwit BTC top was 20k.
   2yr ago
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