For more than 15 hours the Tachirenses do not know what it is to have electricity in their homes, thus preventing the normal conditions for life, this cut has brought remarkable consequences.
Gas stations have not been able to supply the vehicles due to lack of electricity, generating endless lines that are already normal in Táchira.
Dropped sales points, refrigerated food companies have already reported losses, along with equipment damages due to the constant blackouts that exceed the 23 unplanned cuts of the state company Corpoelec since Thursday, generating incalculable damages to the economy of the region.
The two most important health centers in the region pay the consequences
Both the central hospital of San Cristóbal, of public character and the private Policlínica Táchira for 15 hours do not have electricity, preventing the necessary emergency attention to patients who come to unforeseen situations.
Some people argue unofficially that "the damage was generated in the plant of the" Leonardo Ruiz Pineda "hydroelectric complex, located in the San Agatón sector, Uribante del Táchira municipality, because the maintenance regulations are not respected, since said plant It has two units that supply power."
"The first unit operates with 200 Lts of oil that allows lubrication. For some time the used fluid has been recycled, so, on repeated occasions, it was recommended to check its properties, something that was not respected, causing serious damage to the Tachiren households".


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