Hello friends of yours, I return to the apologized platform the absence of all these days, as it is common here in Venezuela I have had problems with my Internet connection, today I want to start validating my account since in my last publication a user very kindly told me recommended it, so that we avoid the theft of content on the platform.
I tell you I am sharing as a family in my beautiful state of Trujillo, specifically Altamira de Tostós in the municipality of Boconó, where we have the land of my family and where we live the beautiful mountain environment, being a sector where agricultural production predominates, I will soon share for you some of the crops that we have grown these days, as well as the animals that accompany our small farm.
For those who read my previous publications and wonder how are the little pigs I tell them that they were sold here I leave a picture of only one of them that was left at home, as well as a photograph of the parents which we hope will soon have a new Birth.
You can also visit my blog in steemit there you can find me as @katiuskagomez https://steemit.com/@katiuskagomez I hope to continue interacting in this platform which has been very helpful. Greetings and happy day for everyone.


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I happened to come across your post and I'm happy to see you're the author! I did try signing up for steem to tip you but there was too much friction so I gave up. The tip is for all your posts I enjoyed that I didn't tip for since I didn't want to be tipping content theft if that was the case. the piglet has grown a lot!
   10mo ago
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Thank you very much, for your recommendation I will follow it to the letter, I thank you very much for your vote.
   9mo ago