Since my arrival to Havana in 2007 I already had 3 years of graphic arts career, but I had never worked with live models, my drawing was poor and very insecure, my first traces like everything in life have been growing and my way of Seeing the world too, when an artist does not improve is most of the time because he has learned only to paint, improves because his life improves, his life is what we can see through his work and that is how we see his world, I invite you to laugh a little with The bastard children's of my creation's, a little practice to remember that we should never stop studying and why I would like to document the before and after, only this time I am like goerge lucas, everything back to back. I hope you enjoy this selection of images, and that something good comes out of them for thank you very much for the support.

I really hope you like it and vote if you want to see some more!! thanks again and see you soon.!!


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