A year has passed since I did with this wonderful community, since I registered in yours everything I saw was positive for me, thanks to yours I discovered the cryptocurrencies the true use that should be given to such a powerful currency, reward for good content and also help anyone who needs a helping hand in difficult times, thanks to yours some people who did not know the situation of my country and know her I made many posts about our situation, I made a post giving details of how is a supermarket in the country richest in natural resources but the poorest in Latin America, thanks to yours I have fallen in love with cryptocurrencies beyond their economic value for the amount of lives they have saved, many Venezuelans in this community have saved their lives or of a relative and even I managed to save my father's life with the help of several people from this community especially -ED- that those who know him know that he is a generous person who helped save many lives, in the name of my father and of course I just have to say thank you

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@satoshidoodles Thank you very much I was able to buy some food with the tip you gave me
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