This Illustration was made by my person some time ago, and marked an important step because from here it was that I reactivated my ability as enlightened again, after a long time we are going to say that "rest" of the pencil and the sheet.
Then I'm going to show you step by step and combine it with the corresponding images, step by step so that you can see the process until this final result, of which by the way, I feel quite proud!

Part 1.

The downside of this, is that I could not record a previous image of the process, but basically I had already established the idea and the structure of my elf's face, all with pencil sketches and being very careful with the details, using different colors for the skin since I wanted to show the contrast of a fictional character:

Part 2.

The application of the colors was done with prismacolor wood colors using them as a combination and gradients, since these colors have the property of mixing very well, taking into account every existing detail in the image

Part 3.

I realized that it lacked contrast, so I decided to use a black marker to accentuate details and features that would help to highlight each element of the illustration, resulting in what would be my

Flower Elf



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