Doing great work is about perseverance. You set your sights on a direction and continuing to walk that way no matter the obstacles that come your way. 
Along the path, it can be easy to lose sight. To get caught up day after day battling obstacles and forget why you do it. 
Staying true to your vision, despite the difficulty is not easy. You need to have time to reflect and remember why you are doing your work. And you need to find ways to refuel your inspiration. 
I have a twenty-five minute walk to the co-working space I work from. I use that time to get inspired for the day ahead of me. I have a handful of Youtube videos that I return to regularly to fill-up my inspiration tank. 
They are all short edited YouTube videos (all under 10 min) with people I admire.
Beyond the paywall, you’ll find the four videos featuring Steph Curry, Conor McGregor, Michael Jordan, and Will Smith.


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