YOURS is an excellent platform but still little known, I think many people do not know about it in this wonderful platform. There are wonderful people who work very hard to create a very original content, but unfortunately we have not seen a forceful take off, that is, see more people so that the platform has many more readers and creators of content. Some tips that I think should work and I'll put this with my contribution doing a job are the following:

1. Reaching a target audience: Having a large poster on an avenue is not an effective way to promote the platform, because talking to everyone is not an effective strategy. Therefore, it is essential to think about each type of potential content creator and adapt your message to reach each of them separately.
2. Social networks: Creators of content that are linked to your social networks increase their loyalty to the brand. In addition to offering useful content and entertainment to retain more readers, social networks are an important channel of attention to future users, where you can quickly resolve doubts, queries and complaints.
3. Smartphone: Users increasingly use the smartphone to browse virtual stores, find out features, product prices and make comparisons. Although the majority of content readers continue to be made from a PC, it is essential that yours is much better known through applications for example, that is, that can be viewed and navigate without problems from a mobile device.
4. Adequate advertising: Traditional advertising is very expensive and ineffective. The best thing is that online is advertised in its own ecosystem, that is, on the Internet. The key for the ads to be translated into people who come to the platform is to know where to identify the potential creators of content and how to measure the results, is seeing how they interact in the platform.
I think I'm going to create a campaign to have more readers and especially more content creators in yours through my YouTube channel and my platforms like steemit and weku we have to create a more solid platform ... What do you help me with? ? give me ideas?
Creating a visual way is to say effective advertising. This is achieved with
.Go to the right audience.
How well do you understand your target audience? To achieve this goal your promotion method has to immediately call the attention of the prospects and speak in their own language. This includes words and fashion expressions.
The promotion must sound natural; No gender, cultural stereotypes or exaggerated claims, so that people automatically identify is related to their needs and desires.
3. Define the visual focus.
Unless it is an advertisement to promote multiple platforms, you have to be aware, use a single attractive visual element that serves as a focus of attention.
In the midst of so much competition that there are ads on the streets, the Internet and magazines, make sure stands out for its cleanliness, clear design, attractive visual focus and simple elements.
Gentlemen, ideas are heard and all possible help is accepted. Let's take this platform forward so that it improves and is the best of all.


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