My name is Andrea Chacon, I am 24 years old, student of Electromedicine UNET.
My story:
In May after the first operation, made thanks to the contribution of many people, where we were told that there was not a single tumor if not 4 and the biopsy showed that it was benign, I attended several doctors, their opinions and treatments were different, apart from the difficult situation of the country with respect to health decided to make the decision to go to Bogota for more opinions, here I was informed that the tumors had expanded to the left lung, I was hospitalized at the national institute of cancerology where I had another biopsy but the fabric suffered a crush, so that I could leave the institute I had to sign a promissory note because we did not pay for all of those hospitalizations, the status today of my pre-diagnoses are:
Lymphoid leukemia or a malignant tumor due to lymphoma in the lung, in either case, the treatment is expensive and that is why we saw the need to launch this campaign to cover cats. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT

In this photo I had 5meses, You came, to give me light and strength, from very small you have been by my side of doctor in doctor, seeing me with lid mouths, and looking strange because like me, you do not like, today I do not have you next to me, I work to be with you a thousand years, your dad and I thank you for being our motivation in any situation, I miss you so much that you can not imagine, you are my little motor.
I hope to have them by my side very quickly

The campaign continues to achieve the goal, with the help of a guarantor we sign a second promissory note and so I could perform the biopsy from which they took 27 samples, we hope with your help to have results and start treatment soon.
Thank you for having us in your prayers god bless you and multiply you!
They say that the strongest battles are for the bravest warriors, to keep fighting, against any of my pre-diagnoses of lymphoid leukemia or malignant tumor due to lymphoma, they will soon be a diagnosis and I will be able to begin my treatment and I will continue to see my prince grow.
The bad situations will always be not negotiable, what is negotiable is your attitude to them, Thanks to all who have seen my publication and now they know my story I hope you can help me thank you very much for your contribution, God bless you!
BSV: 1AyufhDFY6S5ywvxRNsQPFvQAzGE7hKbhW


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