Hello friends of yours, a little absent because when I introduced you in my first publication, the ampa came and removed everything from my house, besides putting everything as a disaster, I also had to organize and make small arrangements here. I leave part of my progress.
I can not deny that I am a little discouraged, it is not easy to see how the effort of the years is lost without being able to do anything.
Many friends and family have tried to comfort me, but it is not so easy when you do not have the resources to go shopping and bring back your TV, refrigerator, stove, fans and many other things that would not be here to write.
You can not say in a country like Venezuela with the current economic crisis that material recovery requires a lot of money to do it and I only depend on my social security, which is equivalent to $ 1.5, something incredible, right?
So we are in this part of the world!
That's what thieves left it.

So repaired

My room all a mess

Here already organize

There's still a lot to do, I'll try to keep going



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