I am not good in writing and don’t have an idea to make a person keep glued to the article so that the reader reads the entire piece of writing, but I thought to do that today and hoping at least a few people will read this.
I was introduced to cryptocurrencies last year, not by anyone but I found articles on the internet and discovered this whole new concept of money. Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash was the hot topic then. I read several articles on the subject and tried to understand the entire concept of cryptocurrencies. Technical part of the concept was something which I read but couldn’t understand entirely but the philosophy of the concept was what I earned.
After I said myself that I have understood things I thought to invest some of my Dad’s money into this. For the medical issue I have, which I am not comfortable to share, I am not allowed to go outside and do a job. So, when investing some money was my idea I came to know websites like steemit and yours. Steemit was the platform which attracted me more initially and I thought to join there. But the Steem Power and Dollar concept was little confusing at the first place and after the confusion was cleared something else also became clear to me. Steem can never replace fiat or even Bitcoin. Though the platform will stay good with some wonderful people, but I will never join there. By that time I started to understand that I have become a BCH girl, because I was comparing everything with BCH.
When I started to believe myself as the BCH girl I joined yours.org. I have deleted some of my early posts from this platform because it contained my faceless nude pictures. That was the stance I adopted to earn BCH instead of investing my dad’s money. Within a few days I realised that I am making ‘a platform for all’ a bad place. Doing that I even ruined my reputation here, I will never be able to disclose my face. I knew that if I start writing in some topic it won’t be a good thing to present here. So I thought to make animations with whatever little knowledge I have on the subject.
When I started to upload animations here, I have myself a goal; Earn 10 BCH by December 2017. But the quality of content I produce, it’s not easy and not possible I later understood. But by this time I realized I am enjoying what I am doing and it’s helping me earn some small quantity of BCH at the same time. I had this in mind that if I ever become successful I will buy my dad a Tesla with my money that I have earned. If he ask me how? I can even show him the small animations that I made. He will feel proud I was sure. That is not going to happen shortly and probably will never happen, but that won’t demoralize me to make average grade animations (which will improve slowly) and share on platforms that will help me earn some bitcoin cash.
But when I see people are using my work to earn, makes me real unhappy and sad and angry at the same time.
A few months ago I found a person used two of my animations and uploaded it here. That user got his account blocked after I reported it to Ryan. Some days back I found a website Pompler where anyone can upload his work and get tipped in BCH. I contributed by work there too. Till now I have submitted 4 animations there all of which are original and unique to that platform. A BCH in Binary with black background is a similar animation which I even made in yours, but the one in pompler has 3 more frames and a little brighter, I did that just to make the content unique to that platform. Just after publishing it I found it here in yours uploaded by @antony_ . I just want to say to plagiarism artists that if an artist, even if she is below average like me sees her work being shared she likes it actually. It helps her think that the work is actually good. But at the same time not providing any credits to the artist makes the artist sad. And if you share it to make money which clearly was @antony_ ’s intention, makes the artist angry and she can try to express her anger in words like this.
I generally put my name in all the gifs that I make. I made this a habit after two of my works were published by someone else. But on this BCH Binary gif I intentionally did not put because I thought If someone wants to use this in an article then this can be used. But sharing only the animation with an intention to make money is wrong.
I also thought to share a video here, in which a little girl was copying his dad’s words but whenever she was asked to say icecream she was saying camtano. I didn’t share, but if I had then it wouldn’t be intended to make money out of it but sharing a laugh with the community members that I had alone.
Yours is a platform where you can communicate with the team behind its development. The CEO himself answers when you ask a question. He even listens to your ideas if you have any and implements it into the platform. I published ideas like:
  • Who voted who and who tipped who to be visible with an option to go anonymous if the tipper wants and it’s a reality now.
  • I also said about a notification if someone mentions a user and again it’s a reality now in the platform.
Thanks to Ryan for this.
So, with a platform so great where a girl like me thought to make money by selling her faceless nude photos becomes a self-proclaimed animator which even changes her perspective to life in general, anyone can find the hidden talent in them and can publish here. Everyone here will try to improvise your talent if you showcase it here, I remember how I was criticized for the mobile UI I made. But that positive criticism was done to put more effort on my future works. You might not be a perfectionist like the @satoshidoodles but if you focus on what you do and put more effort on it, then you won’t take much time to become successful like him.
I think sharing news here copied from a different source is something else, though mentioning the source would be great but sharing a piece of art without giving credits is an insult to the creator.
The disease I have is not curable but I wish everyone suffering with plagiarism syndrome a fast recovery and a healthy life ahead where you can discover your own abilities.
Since I have spoke a lot about plagiarism artists I must mention a few people here who are trying to make this place great with their original works:
If you love reading then take a look at the following profiles

My love for all the other original creators who are not mentioned


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Thank you for sharing your story. It is brave of you to do that. We all have to start somewhere. I posted drawings on social media for years (*crickets* are my friends) before gaining some momentum. Those years of practice were good training to keep refining, sharpening the pencil/sword, and not worrying about the odd hater. <3
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@Monica: First of all, I want to say I was really moved by your article so do not feel self conscious about your writing at all. I actually clicked on your name to see if you'd posted anything recently because I felt a little guilty about my last comment suggesting possible improvements to the sunrise animation. I meant it in the best way possible, but I was afraid you might have taken it the wrong way. If so, apologies. I'm the type that loves constructive criticism, but I know that not everyone feels the same way. Also, as I was reading, I totally didn't expect that shout-out at the end. Thank you so much for the recommendation. Finally, regarding the plagiarism issue. I totally agree. I sometimes debate if I should post my writing here because of that. But now that I've started the 100 day challenge, I want to see it through to the end. Keep doing what you're doing, and I will too. Screw the plagiarists.
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That's a damn moving story.
Don't we all want even just 1 BCH? :)
I also did some nudes on here that I removed, mainly because the vibe doesn't feel right for it right now.
Wait what? Yours has a mobile app? How do I get it?!
I don't see it on google play, and I DuckDuckGo it with no success.
Where is it?!
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A truly touching post. Thanks for sharing.
   2yr ago
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Good thing you didn't post your nude photos to Steemit. After a few days, posts on Steemit can't be altered or deleted. Everything there is permanent, posted on the blockchain forever.
   2yr ago
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Here a🌹 for your inspirational story about yourself 🙂
I've been posting here on yours for about a month and half, for a moment I thought I was gaining some decent tips but somehow I lost the momentum and now all my posts seem to always fall to a grey zone of invisibility or dunno maybe they're uninteresting to the community here, I mainly do portraits of beautiful women... like this one for example:
I whish there was a way to resize images maintaining the aspect ratio hehe, hint at YOURS devs 🤔
Yes I know almost everyone here seems to be a BCH supporter, and I come around with my ETH QR code xD... maybe that's what turning people off from my posts 😅 But i'm not diehard fanboi of any crypto I go with whatever works, and right now ETH is working best for me...maybe I should make a post about that. About plagiarism, that's a never ending fight and we have to accept it as such, that doesn't mean we should give up, quite the contrary, denounce and fight it back whenever encountered, not only your own work but anyone's, I do think I helped to root out a plagiarist here in YOURS, who was stealing the artwork of Elena Malva, who I happened to follow on instagram, so I asked her if she was using this website...to which she replied she was completely oblivious of it's existence...
Thus she proceeded to contact yours.org support for denouncing the plagiarist and I made all the evidence public by linking to the IG convo in all Fake Elena's posts, I suppose we succeeded in squashing a plagiarist this time, but we have to stay vigilant!
   2yr ago