Today I come with the intention of bringing you what was my concept of creating a character that can be used for anything, but I am presenting it as a possibility for the project of the @steemmonsters my proposal "steem monster" the first one I present for the weekly contest and I'm about to show you now!

Phase 1: The sketches

The truth is that I started the process and had forgotten to take pictures to this point, so the most basic part I do not have, but from here I think it's okay, is not it?
I was adding more details, step by step.
The details of the face and the proportions in general.
Here I was adding the details of the scars, the weapon, the horns, among others.
I realized that my feet would not fit inside the workspace, so I decided to place them in the space of the blade that was within reach, in a more comfortable and stable position for the character in question.
Remember to leave your work after being marked with the black marker, out of reach of your cats with wet legs, if you do not want what happens to me here in this part (the good thing was that I would not do anything after this step, because if not there if I had suffered)

Phase 2: The Vectorization

The line work was the second (if the second) more laborious of the entire illustration, a challenge to pass the strokes that I do with my left hand, the mouse with my right hand, but we can do it! You can see it there!
It was hard for me to decide between what colors to use for the monster, since I did not want to use the typical green colors that are usually used for this type of characters, and even so I wanted it to be seen with a suitable personality and its color to demonstrate that same, final I was left with this choice of color.

Phase 3: The Final Art

Once the color work was done, I got the most laborious part of all: shading.


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