Hello Friends, again here this time with my second monster choice for the @steemmonsters contest and I like this to create characters!
This time I bring a proposal of a monster with several references from various places, like a mix of super cools things that will be seen in the process, so, let's go there!

The Sketches

Here the illustration was very advanced when I realized that I had to take pictures, I just needed to finish some details but most of it was already done
You can hardly tell the difference, but here I finished some details on the face and some areas such as the legs, to then go to the highlight with the ink
Here the monster once finished inking process, is fierce and terrifying, is not it?

The digitalization

The work of lines took me a while because of the "hair" effect that I made of the monster, besides being a beast with multiple characteristics like a tail, four legs and that kind of tentacles that come out of his head, it was quite a challenge but in the end that was the result
I used cold colors this time, a range of purples that went towards the reds and blues, and I made a pattern that gave the idea of scales in several zones, to give the personality to the character.
Thank you for your time!


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