“Report, Mr. Wills.”
The vast emptiness of space shined through the screens that were built in a way as to make them look like windows. There were various consoles scattered around the rooms of the Utopia Captaincy with a hundred or so buttons each as well as their own small screen to keep track of things around the ship. At least, that was their original purpose – currently, most of them just said “PRIVATE” in big red letters, and that was considerably less helpful than their intended purpose.
There were quite a few people in the room, most of them sitting by one of those many consoles, waiting for a sign. Some others were walking in and out; always busy with who knows what. In the middle, sitting in the captain’s chair, was none other than Captain Bradford Johnson, leader of this here captain’s bridge and the Utopia Captaincy as a whole. He was talking to an informant who arrived recently, bearing news from other parts of the ship.
“Captain, among the most important news… the UWS is demanding that we stop development of our weapon systems. They claim it upsets the purpose of our role on the ship.”
Bradford just frowned at that. UWS – United Weapon Systems, the folk who resided and ran the ship’s weaponry. The captain didn’t like their monocracy in the field, especially since they were able to threaten the rest of the ship with laser blasts. Of course, there was no actual threat of that, not unless UWS can ally with the ProLe – The Protection League, the nation in control of the ship’s shield system. And they were very protective of their system.
“Nothing new. It doesn’t matter.” Bradford shrugged. “What about the TDA? Do they have a problem with it?”
TDA stood for The Dynamo Alliance, a small, traditionalist nation who held control over the generator room. It was a tiny group of rooms and hallways, but they held great power. Literally.
“Actually, I only know rumors since they’re hard to approach…” Mr. Wills said. “But they might actually be trying to reach out to us for an alliance. They might believe if they can offer us more power for the new weapons and weaken that of the UWS, they could gain something from it. I’m not sure what.”
“Hm. We’ll have to get to the bottom of that. Do we have any diplomats available? Dr. Jones, where is she? I think they like her over there, maybe she could talk with them and come to an agreement.” Bradford knew that being on good terms with the TDA would be very beneficial to their own weapon-building efforts. Those UWS jerks won’t be holding the only guns for long…
“We also managed to find common ground with the AEL.” Mr. Wills continued. The AEL – Aerial Essentials League, the nation that held in their power the oxygen supply of the ship. “They agreed to continue providing us in exchange of protection of their systems from the UWS once our weapons are finished. They also asked for help in their efforts of diplomacy with Lazia.”
“Lazia?” Bradford nodded. “Sure, seems reasonable. We would benefit from that too. I don’t think moral has been lower in years…”
Lazia. The nation everyone envied. They held the civil quarters with everything that came with that: luxury private quarters, recreational facilities and all kind of other rooms that would serve any nation well. Life in general tends to be rather dry on the spaceship otherwise…
“Very well.” Bradford stood up from his chair so that his words would have more impact. “Find Dr. Jones. Tell her to drop everything she’s doing. Schedule a conference with the TDA for her. Then tell Mr. Edwardson to prepare some bullet points of negotiation for me, for when I talk with Lazia. Make sure that he emphasizes our advances in weapon-making.”
“Yes, Captain.” Mr. Wills was noting down the commands in his notebook. “Anything else?” he added, like he was taking Bradford’s order at a restaurant.
“No, that’s all.” The captain rubbed his chin. “Be quick about it, though. The sooner we handle these issues, the more effort we can put towards construction.”
As Mr. Wills left, Bradford sat back down and stared at the screens. Vast, empty space was looking back at him from beyond the cameras. The spaceship had been moving through the universe for as long as anyone could remember, and most likely longer. Towards what destination? Nobody knew. After all, the ship had all the essential systems and more, divided between its nations who held onto them with all they had…
All except navigation.



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