Life sucked in ancient times. You could just be pissing in a stream, when a crocodile lunges or a tiger pounces from behind. We weren't at the top of the food chain back then. Life sucked.
But what drove humans to become kings of the world is the exact same thing that we threw away: Evolution.

Humans evolved at a rapid rate while the rest of the animal world remained stagnant.

We created spears, shelters, discovered fire, formed clay into buckets. Because even the small act of retaining water inside a clay bucket means less time outside for predators to hunt you.
And soon we built walls and brick houses... predator threats became less and less.

We evolved because we had to.

We had no choice.
If we didnt form clothes out of animal skin, the natural environment would kill us. If we didnt learn how to heat food, our lifespan would be dogyears.
But something peculiar happened...

Physical Evolution Slowed Down at a Drastic Rate.

The world is 4.5 billion years old (Depends on who you ask) and in a span of thousands to millions of years (depends on who you ask again), humans evolved at a speed of light. In just .01% - .15% of time, humans went from ugly ape-like humanoids, into hipsters with wifi and portable supercomputers with 4g in their pockets.

How did it stop?

When civilizations began.
The moment we built entire cities and kingdoms, we became impenetrable to predators. Unless you wander in the woods, you won't get hunted.
The only predators we were worried about is; other humans.
So we evolved accordingly. Or lack thereof.

But Something obscure happened; Physical Evolution Stopped.

Because we no longer had to constantly defend ourselves from predators, our bodies' evolution, drastically slowed down.

Back then, due to necessity, ancient man were more athletic and more muscular. The strong ones were hunters, the stupid ones died easily (for obvious reasons), while the weak ones were rendered to be gatherers. The weak were last on the food share (plus they easily died of sickness) so their lifespans were usually short.
Thus, only the strongest and the brightest were able to pass on their genes. The weak and the stupid ones, died.
So new human generations were formed from mostly the strong and the intelligent. Stupid, sickly and weak genes had little chances of breeding.
The strong mated with smart ones to create strong and smart babies. Then those babies would grow up and mated with fellow strong and intelligent humans too... That's how we evolved so fast. That's how we were able to develop tools and innovations (along with our natural strengths) to rise above the rest of the animal world. That's how we won.

But having built entire kingdoms, it also sheltered the weak and the stupid. They were able to breed and multiply. They were able to breed entire progenies and descendants.

And that became the Death of Natural Selection.

Not only was the luxury of breeding "used" to be exclusive (mostly) to the strong and the intelligent, but was now available to everybody!
For the first time, population exploded, and it was a mix of everything. Smart, dumb, strong, weak, tall, short, etc. There was no more natural selection, It was a mix of everything; nature had no say in it.

So when Natural Selection died, Human Physical Evolution died along with it.

Aside from the meatheads you see on the gyms, most of the population have very little muscle mass.
Muscular people just seem many, but that is just an illusion. It just so happens that most movies and TV shows would cast "ripped" actors. Most people you see on magazines are shredded. Sports, which has billions of views, has very muscular athletes. and Most people in shape, would take topless selfies, and share on social media.
But what you don't see, are the average joes. The ones who don't take topless selfies. The non-actors, non TV personalities, non-models, non-athletes. They are in the billions. They are the majority.
It is estimated that muscular people are less than 1% of the population.

There is barely any practical usage for muscles anymore. Mostly for sports or hard-labor only.
Hard-labor is slowly disappearing. And is estimated to disappear completely within the next 50-100 years, due to machine and robotics innovation.
Today, muscles is mainly used for vanity. Yes, humans have evolved to be very vain. Our ancestors died just so their descendants can strive to look good. Geez.
Don't get me wrong, beauty was a big part of evolution back then. We consider a symmetrical face to be very attractive. Do you know why?
Symmetrical faces means it was free of any childhood defects, which makes it very attractive for breeding. It means the baby born from this will have less disease.
Disclaimer: this is not 100% accurate, but in ancient times, this was their only marker. A symmetrical face gave them good marker for having disease-free offsprings.

But that occurrence was killed too.
With our modern medicine and hygene, we are mostly disease free now (7 billion people says so).
It's still in our best interest to select the brightest and the healthiest to mate with, but our standards have lowered.
Back then, simple diseases like chicken pox or even acne skin rashes, will get you labeled as "non-mateable." People were naturally scared of your condition. You die a virgin.
Today, we freely mate with sicker (but curable) humans, as long as he/she is able to care/provide for the offsprings. Modern innovations enabled us that.

“We are the only species to have put a halt to natural selection, of its own free will."
Sir David Attenborough~

So now what?

"Yeah, yeah, so now we are weak and stupid, What's your point? Is the human race over?"
Weak... sure. In the sense that majority population have less muscles and are less stronger. But stupider? Not really.

We Jumped into a New Evolution.

From the "physical and mental" evolution, to the "intelligence evolution."
The human race evolved so fast due to competition. We had to compete against lions, tigers, crocodiles... because we had no choice. Then, we competed with each other, on who's able to better provide for our offsprings.
But since we are now (mostly) safe from physical dangers, the competition shifted to 'who can better provide innovations inside our safe cities.' The innovators and service/product/work providers were considered winners.

It is now a competition to breed the smartest babies.

Today, our survival does not depend on hunting and gathering food, but on how good our income is. The ones with the most money are able to provide better for their families. Thus, the notion of a guy owning a Ferrari raises attraction level (public opinion).

A New Kind of Intelligence.

Extreme Physical strength and athleticism is only needed in professional sports. The rest, you just need mostly intelligence to get ahead.
Im aware there are different kinds of intelligence (academic, athletic, musical, social, inter and intra personal intelligence etc etc). And this might be difficult for you to hear, but a new kind of intelligence is ruling the world; Financial Intelligence.

Money and currency will always be the best tool for exchange. It won't disappear, it will just evolve. Our fiat sucks, so Bitcoin Cash will replace it.
But those smart with money, will always get ahead.
Karl Marx's dream of a cashless society has never been achieved. It remains a theory. Never been proven to be achievable.

Money is a tool, money is neutral. It will always end up to those who are smarter with it.
Why work for somebody else if they can work for you?
People need jobs, they need salary... so provide it for them.
This concept may seem foreign to you because your Gov't indoctrination (school) only taught you how to work for other people, But it's hard to get ahead in life if you don't take risks and build your own business.

My previous post: Sad Truth: You Will Never be Rich Working for Somebody Else

You don't know it, because you've been schooled/indoctrinated/trained by an "industrial age education" system, but we are living in a completely different world now. The age of self reliance.
Technologies are being built right now to help us with that.
Bitcoin Cash allows us to be our own banks. We can directly publish books on Amazon. Post classified ads directly on Craigslist. Publish a show on youtube, Etc etc. Middlemen are getting cut off more and more.

We now have to freedom to do (almost) anything we want.

The bankers tried so hard to suppress us. But with decentralized crypto, their age is almost over.
Life is good now. Freedom is within reach.
Go grab that life you've always wanted.

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Good thoughts, I agree with pretty much everything. I would change only one thing, to give more truthful meaning of what is going on (sorry I have to say it) with Capitalism.
"Why work for somebody else if they can work for you?
People need jobs, they need salary... so provide it for them."
I would change this to:
"Why work for somebody else if they can work for you?
People need jobs, they need salary... so use to your advantage and make them work for you."
And this is the only way to get rich... beside being a good/popular actor, singer, musician or sportsman who cannot "export" their job/work to others.
This is true reality of (sorry I have to say it again) of Capitalism (I know many people hate it when I say this), the Capitalist business owner narrates it in a way that makes him a good person, as he says "I provide jobs for other people" but actually he just uses other people to make himself richer.
I think world will change in drastic way in next few decades, there is good possibility of WWIII, after which there will be a reset, and we have to start all over a again.
   12mo ago
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Hmm, good post, but evolution is never so easy to assess. It never 'stops' working. There is always competition and the struggle for life. As a collaborative species we now need to pull back, or it will pull us back.
There is such a thing as 'devolution', when some evolutionary traits are no longer used in an environment, they start to fade. But human effort defines human meaning. We replace old activities with new ones, no longer out of necessity. Eg, everyone likes to exercise, but it's an imitation of what was once necessity.
Protecting the environment that forged us, could be impossible for us. But in the end it will decide.
   11mo ago