Some secret diary of mine. Well what else you wanna do in Singapore? When the rules and law are strict, so tight, tighter than my miniskirt. Tighter than my bra. I like yoga, not just the calming or exercise part, but the sensual part. It's a sensual activity, to get the body to a sensual state. That nobody admits!
My body gets improving, showing the allure of feminity - when I practise yoga. Practise nicely with a focused mind. My my was focused on getting a fuking nice body.
Besides that, I like rope play. It's not the fifty shades scene. But more. Really more than that. It gives a sense of control, by the sense of losing that control. It doesn't make sense but that's what makes sense. It's fun. It's sexy. It's an adventure. It's an adrenaline rush far better than bungee jumping. I have not done that.
Here are a few more images. Then the video is in the section below. Still newbie here. I gave up doing those pesky blogs trying to sell clothes. So boring. But yoga, sex, sexiness, ropes, and blindfolds?! Never boring in my private life. So here is just my exposee. (french writing)
Sometimes it gets stuck! Why I don't know. So I am trying again but will give up if taking way too much hassle.. hehe. Lazy girl on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Haha quick quiz: Spot the difference? Yay.. you've good eyes! Two videos in the paid content section.


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