Here begins my adventure!
As everyone has known for a long time, I told them that I was doing my papers to go to Chile legally, I succeeded, here I am and I am looking for a job, that is to start from scratch, the life of an emigrant; So far nothing easy but I gradually become more involved in this country that I hope will give me an opportunity to grow. I have been exactly two weeks today, I have known, walked (a lot), I have tried to apply for different jobs and the truth is that Santiago de Chile is covered with Venezuelans, it is crazy! Sales of typical Venezuelan food are seen everywhere or listen the accent of the center of my country. It is difficult to see how many are choosing to leave Venezuela since in our country there are very few opportunities and very low chances of emerging.
I have taken my good tour around the Currency and like every tourist I have taken some photos, buildings and places that look quite historic; Santiago has a touch in certain areas quite European, with old town and buildings with rustic finish, the truth has seemed very beautiful and I still have much to know.
I tell you how my flight was!
Well, living on the border with Colombia, I decided that my flight was going to depart from this country, the itinerary was -> Cucuta-Bogota, Bogota-Lima, Lima-Santiago, I left at about 7 am Cucuta, arriving in Santiago almost at 11 pm, the truth was super nervous, it was my first trip and I was going to do it alone, and it was not a common trip, it was an emigrant trip, it was not a vacation, it was a trip to seek to improve my life, luckily here I am, headed looking every day how to fulfill my dreams and my goals. In fact, until today I had a chance to write (I didn't need it), and I have a lot to tell you:
1 Leaving Colombia
In Colombia I was very lucky that some cousins accompanied me, we celebrated one birthday and they wished me good luck and excellent vibes, I really had a great time that night and it was the preamble to my trip.
The nerves of the first plane did not wait, I had never been on a plane this for me was really new, I was anxious and nervous; but I liked it, the truth was quite funny.
Arriving in Bogota, I really liked the view, and the truth is that this airport is immense and very beautiful, I got distracted a little because the transfer lasted 4 hours, so I could have a coffee and look at some shops.
First days in Santiago
I must admit that I still feel a little tourist, I really know little, that weekend I met a very famous Mall in Santiago "El costanera Center" that if I remember correctly it is the tallest building in Latin America, (I want to go to the viewpoint and I will soon have pictures of this), I got to know the city a bit and I got to a friend who is where I will stay for a few days while I get a job and some stability. (Luckily, he lives on a 3rd floor, because I don't like tall buildings)
Walking a little through downtown Santiago
I loved the flag ride, it is a tourist area with the painted floor of many colors, where people have a good time, there are children and young people skating and having fun, for me it is amazing to feel the tranquility of walking in a place knowing that everything is safe and that I can use my phone, etc (something that does not happen in Venezuela unfortunately).
Walking and walking
I think this is what I have done most here since I arrived, with friends or alone I like to walk these streets and find very nice little spaces:
Well, so far my adventure begins, I really wish that all of us doing this will be excellent and we can help our families in Venezuela, which is the case of the majority, have a better quality of life and grow professionally, I wish you a great day, bye!



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