I have the price ridiculously high on purpose. It is for my own security. I first decided on $5,000, then changed my mind to $50,000. Well, you can't do that. The limit, over which you get the message, "Unable to publish content": $21,474.
I am creating a private series on YouTube that are on unlisted.
Once I decide on what to include and how to include it, the links will be included in this free section, or moved to another post with a much lower price.
Why have I made this post?
Because I want a place to organize the links into a book/video series format.
It's similar to what I'm doing with memo, but without the permanence, nor your initial ability to see the posts. The main issue would be with me being able to find this post. However, I can refer to it without risking the information in the paid content section as being exposed.
Likewise, I can refer to both this post that I'm writing right now and the one with the lower cost wall at the same time in any new post or mention I would make about these, enabling me to keep it current in my mind, while also protecting the privacy of the data I'm uploading.
In addition, by choosing the category nsfw*, this post is excluded from search engines.
The cheaper one wouldn't be. But I wouldn't make that one until I was ready to.
*(I changed it from nsfw to meta per the price limit. I mean, really: Does it being listed put the links in much danger of being seen at this point?)


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