After April 13, 2002, date that meant the greatest popular victory (civic - military) of recent times in Venezuela and Latin America, the coup manuals were never the same. An asterisk placed at the end defines the issue: Wait 48 hours, at least. With this imaginary exercise, I only try to say that the coup against the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, has not been consummated.
President Morales resigned from his position. Surely, there were many pressures that led him to make that decision. We may or may not agree, but it is already taken. What happens then? Let's see.
The strength of the popular movements of Latin America, raised as they are in this titanic struggle against neoliberalism and fascism, does not pass over Bolivia, but goes through it. Underestimating that, it will be one of the main mistakes of the coup plotters who, at the outset, already marked a line when entering with a Bible and a flag to the government palace. Religious fundamentalism threatens the ethnic and cultural diversity of the Bolivian people. Just a detail to illustrate.
The euphoria of the Bolivian oligarchy, encouraged by Evo's resignation (which is a "success" for them) can be greatly affected once Evo's supportive forces are recomposed, especially in those terrible and violent early hours. And I speak of a force that has an enormous capacity for organization and mobilization.
On the other hand, the weight of a continental public opinion that from the first moment has begun to generate important matrices of rejection of the coup begins to take effect, which is no small matter. The voices of Lula, Cristina Fernández, Nicolás Maduro, Diaz Canel, Lopez Obrador, Piedad Cordova and others have a very high weight in this situation.
And, the coup makers forget that the flares of Chile, Ecuador and Colombia continue to burn. A general strike begins in Chile next Tuesday; in Ecuador, a definitive solution to Lenin Moreno's neoliberal proposal is latent; and in Colombia, Duque’s increasingly catastrophic mistakes continue to accelerate its fall. As we can see, there is everything in these rough waters, except a consummate work for the coup plotters.
For now, we have to keep raising our voice, denouncing, giving the strongest support to our brother Evo Morales and the Bolivian people in these bitter hours. And look at enough water we have seen running under the bridges here in Venezuela since 2002. Or, what is the same: a few blows we have defeated. Bolivia Force!


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