26 years ago my mother has brought me to this planet. Today I can only thank God for every day he has destined for me on this earthly plane. For my life and that of my loved ones, for having wonderful people at my side starting with my mother and brother, thank God. With full Faith that he will always be by my side and in each of the purposes that He has for me.
Thank you, because, although I am going through a bad time, it has not abandoned me, neither me nor my family. I have full faith, that he will help me overcome every obstacle life puts me. I ask a lot of wisdom to be a better person and professional. He is witness to my love for cooking and how much I want to make my life and profession of it.
Maybe I don't have a way to celebrate my birthday, I will also be working a long day at the restaurant where I work, but I have my family and my friends, a roof where I sleep and health to fight for my dreams…. Today, November 1: I just want to be happy.
"I want to ask for your support to start this project that I have been developing for a long time, I only need $ 300 to buy the raw material and keep prices and beat hyperinflation. With this I aspire to pay by my own means the end of my cooking course and achieve a better quality of life for my family and relatives. If you can and want to help me I will be really grateful."