Step back and observe yourself.
My children are both old enough to read and comprehend, including irony and sarcasm. Some of you have much younger babies and children who will soon be old enough to read your social media too! Children learn what you do, not what you say.
Here's my litmus test...
If my children were to stumble across their parent's social media feed (e.g. Twitter “likes and replies” from the past month), would they be:
a) embarrassed or disappointed or horrified b) neutral c) proud or motivated or inspired (to learn or build) d) ???
Additional litmus test for posting on social media:
Would I say this to someone's actual face in real life?
What does my messaging communicate to a random “normie”?
Then check yourself.
Attention-seeking by inciting or perpetuating mob behaviour is a habit rewarded by Twitter's algorithm. The likes and retweets give us the neurochemical hits we crave.
The #PumpkinManCraig meme-ing is funny in the moment, but can really only be appreciated by an in-group (which means there is an out-group). I can handle 24 hours of it, but personally, a duration longer than that is pushing it. I guess I'll be hiding out until after Halloween.
If you are profiling yourself as a “BSV supporter” or are involved with a BSV business/project, you are an unofficial brand ambassador by association. Bystanders are constantly watching our public interactions (because if you're yakking on a Twitter or Telegram thread, it's obviously not private). If you are constantly promoting divisive topics (e.g. Trump, abortion, whatnot), you are automatically alienating a large chunk of the general population. Is this an intentional strategy? The big idea is for BSV to eventually be useful to anyone regardless of their personal beliefs and opinions on various hot button issues (“debates” which are designed to keep us divided).
[Side note: I once had a uniformed job and quickly realized that everything I said or did while representing the uniform was reflective of the company. This included times when I was not actually clocking hours, like commuting on public transit or waiting for long hours in airports. Whether interacting with the general public, internal customers (my fellow employees) or external customers (the people I was serving), I was always making an impression for better or worse. Likewise, Japanese schoolchildren know that while wearing their school uniforms they are representing their school, whether in the local neighbourhood or when travelling on a field trip. In the end, even as part of a tribe, we are individuals who can only control our own actions though.]
How can we make the society and network of BSV users more valuable?
More: focus on ideas, inclusivity, humility (we are all flawed humans), patience (everyone comes to their own conclusion on their own timeline).
Less: focus on people, “I told you so” attitude, schadenfreude, attack dog/mob behaviour, in-group vs. Out-group. This type of energy is super tiring and unattractive.
Honestly, Twitter is a platform that dumbs down interactions to our basest and darkest tendencies. Previously abnormal and antisocial behaviours have been normalized online. This unfortunate development has happened in my adult lifetime. Marketers and these social media platforms exploit this state of affairs to sell your attention as the product and distract you from a better, healthier, more harmonious mode of being.
Objectively, according to personal standards/criteria, I have assessed and been tempted to unfollow, block or mute several “BSV supporter” accounts this week, even those of people I've met in real life or respect. Online bullying (of adults by adults) or cussing people out is unprofessional and unkind. If pumpkin lady's video was recorded for posterity in all of its ridiculous glory, I believe it can for the most part stand alone. How many more people actually need to retweet it with mocking commentary attached, even if you can rationalize that she deserves the exposure? p.s. There is a psychological and qualitative difference between endearingly meme-ing “pumpkin man” CSW vs. online mobbing the pumpkin lady (scammer or not) with hundreds of notifications.
In hindsight, please understand that I am also guilty. I'm not sure that my “you can learn something from everyone” (Tone Vays) doodle was a good idea because he was already being dog-piled by the BTC camp on that day.
I'm also quite consciously sharing these pedantic thoughts on the eve of a somewhat highly anticipated BTC-BSV debate being hosted by one HotepJesus, already imagining the extra levels of social media noise which may spew forth from either camp. Try stepping back and observing yourself before you post in its aftermath?
Of course, I assume that some of you are simply here to stir up sh*t, masquerading as “BSV people”. It's not difficult to “infiltrate” this small group on Twitter and there is a lot of questionable behaviour being excused because we are apparently members of the same in-group. I tend to ignore rather than call out directly, but consider this rant my version of “I see you and your toxic behaviour too”. Fake or trolling accounts abound on platforms such as Twitter. Goodness gracious, the BSV price and hashrate are still low. How will we behave collectively and individually if/when there is a seismic shift in price vs. BTC?
Amazingly, IF Bitcoin succeeds in the next couple of decades, it will be in spite of this social nonsense.


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I appreciate what you bring to the BSV arena, SD. Oolee
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@Oolee and everybody,
thank you for listening and apologies for the lecture and finger wagging xoxo SD
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