CSW claims he has Satoshi's coins and is willing to dump all of them to burn BCH to the ground for two years.
My friend Occam would like a word with you, Craig.
If you have these coins and are willing to destroy BCH with them, where were you one year ago today when we needed you to dump BTC > BCH, kill the legacy chain, and make big block Bitcoin a reality?
takes out razor, admires the glint of cool steel
  • makes existential threats against BCH
  • lets BTC+segwit+LN have a free ride
first cut
Occam says the mostly likely explanation for this is that Craig is entirely full of shit and controls no coins at all.
second cut
Interestingly, if Craig does control the coins after all, Occam would like to point out that the most likely explanation for allowing BTC a free pass while destroying BCH is that Craig is an enemy of BCH and a friend to BTC.
So there you have it.
Craig is either an enemy of BCH or just a pathetic liar.
Note: these are not mutually exclusive. But "the first cut is the deepest" as a wiser person than Craig once opined on pop radio.