This Saturday, October 19, World Breast Cancer Day is celebrated, an event that highlights the commitment of the entire society in the fight against this disease.

One in eight women may have breast cancer. 85% of tumors can be detected by an annual mammogram and 95% of cases have a good prognosis with an early diagnosis.

In the month of the commemoration of the World Day for the Fight against Breast Cancer, it is essential to raise awareness among all our genders about the importance of the annual visit to the mastologist, since this early check-up and diagnosis are extremely important to detect the disease early, and thus improve the prognosis and recovery.

In Venezuela, approximately 18,000 new cases are diagnosed each year, approximately 6,000 women die as a result of this disease and the lack of treatment for the crisis we are currently experiencing in Venezuela.
Current knowledge about the causes of breast cancer is insufficient, so early detection remains the cornerstone of the fight against this disease. When detected early, an adequate diagnosis is established and treatment is available, the chances of cure are high.

Even knowing the importance and benefit of early detection of breast cancer, there are many patients who "dodge" the diagnosis.

Although pain is an individual sensation, mammography exerts a pressure that can be uncomfortable because it is not painful. It is a non-invasive technique. Sinus compression helps visualization and decreases the dose of absorbed radiation.

• I have no symptoms, I don't need a mammogram - FALSE.

Breast cancer is an indolent disease; Therefore, annual control is essential to detect it.

Mammography is a non-invasive, fast, painless and effective technique. It detects high-risk breast cancer or malignant lesions many years before it is palpatory or manifests clinically, since breast cancer is a silent disease with slow progression.
Among the prevention measures, he recommended “breast self-examination that must be done monthly through a simple palpation”. The signs that must be taken into account are the presence of small bumps, hardening, pain, receding nipples, or loss of fluid through the nipples.

Likewise, a gynecological control should be carried out at least once a year, with mammography and ultrasound exams, which is essential to ensure comprehensive prevention. It should be noted that in the event that breast cancer is detected in the early stages, the chances of cure amount to 97%.

On the other hand, “there are several factors that predispose the appearance of breast cancer, such as obesity, exaggerated intake of alcoholic beverages, since they increase the percentage of estrogen in the blood, as well as the consumption of medications or hormones without gynecological control. ”
Take your turn with a mastologist doctor and get annual diagnostic checkups. For you, for me, for everyone.


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