Brazilian businessman Marcelo Odebrecht confirmed before prosecutors in Peru that he financed the political campaigns of the Venezuelan opposition, pick up international media after Odebrecht's statements during his interrogation in Curitiba.
"Our intention was to support. To many opposition candidates, even knowing that they were not going to be elected, we supported them in some way. Because the opposition can also create problems. One way to create a network is to support "
The phrase should be patented or by the ironies of life is attributed to the great Aristoteles. Although not many know it, it will be the money that truly makes us think in a symbolic way that the Human Being is a corrupt person from his nature, will this be possible? Although thinking symbolically, and expressing concrete facts should be thought of in a more literal way.
Let's see what happens in the world, because it is stolen, is that our parents have misplaced the teachings that they are so trumpeting, in a specific case the Odebrecht case if studied from a Philosophical point of view it can be established that many of those who I touch their contracts, if not all. They are immersed in acts of corruption in such an immoral way that it borders on deep reflection.
Attacked by accusations of corruption and millionaire debts, the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht has gone from being number one in Latin America to being on the verge of bankruptcy in just two years. In its fall, this multinational that was studied as an example of business in Brazil and in the world has been ahead of much of the country's political class and threatens the stability of a dozen Latin American governments.
It all started in 2014, the year in which it invoiced its record figure, 45,751 million dollars, and in which its businesses were distributed in 27 countries on four continents. It was in March when an investigation by the Federal Police of Curitiba (a city in southern Brazil) discovered an illegal financing operation of some gas stations called Lava Jato. Nobody imagined that the thread of the money would lead to the biggest corruption scandal in the history of Brazil: the Lava Jato operation, a network of bribes and millionaire detours - which reach 2,300 million dollars - from the state oil company Petrobras to the pocket of politicians from more than twenty parties.
Odebrecht was the beautiful girl of Petrobras, the biggest construction company and the one that took more concessions: "The rest was used to keep the crumbs", says a former executive who worked in recent years at the top of the company and who prefers Do not give your name. The prosecutors of the Lava Jato operation realized that they had to focus their investigations on the family with the German surname and in June 2015 Judge Sérgio Moro requested the preventive detention of the president of the company, Marcelo Odebrecht, known in the media as the "Prince of the builders".
Despite having a hundred arrested executives in front of him ready to speak, during his first months in prison "the prince" did not get even for a moment. Everyone remembers the calm and security with which he presented himself at his first public hearing, where he denied all the accusations. When leaving the room he said goodbye to the politicians who had come to see him with effusive handshakes as if nothing had happened.
But at the beginning of 2016 Judge Moro took a series of tests that showed that Odebrecht had used, between 2006 and 2014, accounts in Switzerland to launder 250 million dollars in tips that guaranteed contracts with the oil company. According to Judge Moro, Marcelo Odebrecht was "the architect of the scheme," and in March 2016 he was sentenced to 19 years and four months in prison for active corruption, money laundering and criminal association. At that time, the pampered politician, the businessman who gave courses in Switzerland and the United States, bowed his head and agreed to start talking, and join the group of 77 executives of the construction company that have signed an awarding award agreement.
In 2016, the ex-employee of Odebrecht Conceição Andrade decided to break her silence and handed over to the UOL news portal 400 internal documents of the construction company that showed the corruption scheme of the eighties, identical to the current one: "The tip and fraud system of Tenders always existed and happened in all the big construction companies, in my time it was not as organized as now that they even have a department dedicated to bribes, but the fund was the same, "Andrade told the UOL journalists.
Political Science professor Bruno Lima Rocha points out that the Lava Jato operation "has made it possible to specify the promiscuous relationship between the oligopoly of construction and the State" and has shown how "the great economic agents have a power that far exceeds any representation We see the relevance of the State apparatus as a key factor in the accumulation of power and capital in Brazil, "explains the political scientist.
The Latin American conquest
In the eighties, with the three-digit inflation installed in Brazil, the construction company of German origin decided to expand and grow in its Latin American neighbors. In 1979 he made his first international incursion with the construction of a hydroelectric plant in Peru. Today it is one of the leading construction companies in the Andean country, where it has 20,000 employees and is in charge of businesses that range from gas pipelines to road construction.



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