Through the time that I have here I have collected some money in BSV .. Not much is necessary at least to brighten the heart of the community of children where high rates of malnutrition are seen .. Along with the collaboration of friends. We were able to create content that is, food, juices, parties for the most unassisted children, previously specify why this wonderful work, which is not only mine, but of many friends as a whole.
I hope that these works continue to be created, continue to be built, continue to be improved .. In order to get out of the lethargy that we are subjected to by factors of the empire ... Apart from the great blockade which does not affect the opposition politicians who are in against the revolution but against the people, assassins who destroy our nation in a continuous and perpetual way. As it was in the 19th century until in the 20th century ...
However, there are still people who build a homeland. Help multiply smiles.
 If you want to collaborate you are welcome.




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Stop your stupid politic propaganda, everyone knows who Nicolas Maduro is, A DICTATOR, elected through a FAKE elections where there was only 3 candidates and them all communists and international drug dealers, you are just looking for money from ED, stop supporting this awful disaster, MADURO HAS TO FALL, he's a dictator and he's there because he always give money to the most important members of the national army, like Padrino Lopez, really, stop, you are a fanatic, OPEN YOUR EYES, we know that the USA are not the good guys, BUT STOP SUPPORTING A DICTATORIAL GOVERNMENT.
   2mo ago