Hello Everyone!
Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the launch of the AcceptBitcoin.Cash initiative/website. It has been an amazing first year and the team wanted to share some numbers we have gathered to show how the initiative is going. Here are some stats comparing now to when we launched: - We track 1750+ sites today, up from 821 on launch day. - We have over 900 sites accepting BCH today, up from 80 sites at launch.
The following graphs were made by @m4ktub, so a thank you goes out to him:
Looking over the charts we can see while we have added lots of sites, a clear trend can be seen as to BCH adoption. We are excited to see those numbers rising and continue to rise. We hope the site has been a useful resource for everyone to enjoy and we are always working to make things even better, so stay tuned for future posts about changes we make!


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