OpenBazaar is a Decentralized Marketplace and Crypto Exchange (new in 2.2 release). Their new Crypto Exchange supports many different coins and helps users evade using risky centralized exchanges and KYC/AML. Personally I haven’t used their exchange but heard it’s popular and used very much. Perhaps even more then the marketplace.
Marketplace runs on Interplanetary File System (IPFS), you run node a few hours a day and peers re-seed your listings. This a major jump in up-time instead of forcing sellers to host nodes 24/7.
OpenBazaar currently supports BTC, BCH and ZEC but they a pushing out a small multi-wallet soon with Litecoin and Ethereum support as well. Sadly Lighting Network requires nodes to be online during payments, which defeats the purpose of the IPFS approach. Thus Lightning Network would need routing via another third party node.
The listing system is great, you can make basic listings or go verbose. Network is pretty quick to add and remove listings.
However, the review system can be modified. Please double check reviews before buying from sellers. When possible do escrow transactions from stores with Verified Moderators, which are vetted by OB1 Team.
Gold Shied means they are Verified Moderators, stores with that logo have them.
That’s web view only version. Looks pretty close to in-app view
Soon OpenBazaar will be switching to a resolved naming system to make it easier to remember store addresses.



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