Due to the crisis situation that our country is experiencing largely due to the block imposed by the empire and the bad administration and corruption that damaged a country project, we continue working this time making a call from our radio to remember that our radio consists of complaints and especially to help all those communities especially people who need it most and have no voice or vote ....
On this occasion we are grateful, a call was made to people with a good heart to come to our radio, giving a set of medicines, our harvest was little but fruitful, why?
The initiative was born from one of the founders, from our project that asked people who have medicines to give them, as a donation, our surprise was great when at the time of finishing our program, we had some medicines in our reception
We sincerely hope to expand our frontier in the radio by reaching more radio listeners, this is achieved by investing in it our steps are short but safe ... My respects for all and we will all go forward ...


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