If you ever come to Venezuela and visit a Venezuelan home it is traditional for snack time to have a black and sweet coffee with sweet bread. It's very tasty, very Venezuelan and it's the name I want for my future brand of sweet breads.
For many I am a single dreamer, it is very sad to see that even from your own family it is not possible to achieve your dreams. When they should be the first to believe in you. However, in the face of all adversity we continue to fight for our dreams. A year ago I knew very little about bakery, today I make bread. Three years ago I didn't know much about cooking, now I'm a cook. It is a matter of beginning, of being constant.
Although for economic reasons I have not been able to graduate from my cooking school, it is a goal that I have between eyebrow and eyebrow. And one of the reasons why I want to do my own business. Also to be able to help so many people who need it in my country.
I have been hungry and seen my family suffer, I have been cold, I remember that week that Venezuela had no electrical service, it was a great life experience. And I'm still alive and stronger. He showed me how I really am and how people can become. There were many signs of selfishness: people who threw away food because they let it be damaged before sharing it with the needy, while the poorest opened their homes to seek direct water from the spring.
I want to be financially free, nowadays I barely survive on my salary as a cook, maybe in another country I would be better off just cooking, but I refuse to leave my country and get away from my family. Those who must leave are others, responsible for all this tragedy.
Today I want to ask for your support to start this project that I have been developing for a long time, I only need $ 300 to buy the raw material and keep prices and beat hyperinflation. With this I aspire to pay by my own means the end of my cooking course and achieve a better quality of life for my family and relatives. If you can and want to help me I will be really grateful.


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