Has anything ever happened to you that you can not find an explanation no matter how hard you try? Well, something like that happened to me and I still do not give a logical explanation to what I'm going to tell you next.
One night I accompanied my girlfriend to her house, it was just a little bit after 7 p.m. The sky was dark, the wind was blowing hard, a stormy rain was coming; so I had to walk quickly to my house, which is a couple of kilometers away. My girlfriend lent me an umbrella in case it started raining before I got home, which was a wise decision because I barely managed to walk a couple of blocks and drops began to fall. I hurried further and opened the umbrella and in just a few seconds, those few drops were transformed into a copious downpour that lashed furiously the roofs and flooded the narrow streets of the city.
Despite the umbrella that accompanied me, I was getting wet because of the force with which it was raining, so I decided to shelter under the awning of a restaurant that is halfway. From there I could better appreciate the white curtain of water that stretched from the sky and how lonely the streets were, despite how early it still was, only a few vehicles through the flooded streets.
After a long time, I began to feel impatient and cold prisoner under that awning, so, in view of the fact that the intensity of the rain had diminished a little, I decided to continue on my way. Also, my clothes were a little wet already. To tell the truth, I felt a little restless and uncomfortable walking through those lonely streets whose only noise was the water that fell on the roofs, the asphalt and the umbrella; and that of the wind whipping the trees.
Two blocks from my house, in a moderately lit corner, I had the feeling that someone was waiting for me, but there was no one around the corner, which disturbed me even more. About three meters further on I decided to cross the street, for which I had to jump a stream created by the rain and that passed by the edge of the sidewalk. Then I jumped, but my stride was not long enough and I fell into the little river that dipped my feet up to my ankles. This small act of awkwardness unleashed an energetic childish laughter that was heard just to my right side, as if a girl or boy of about 6 years old was with me under the umbrella having fun at the expense of my poor ability to jump. Scared I looked everywhere and once again I did not see anyone, they were all in their homes sheltering from the rain, even writing these lines makes my skin crawl. My walk became almost a race crossing the street, but when I reached the other sidewalk, I soon heard again the childish and gloomy laughter at my side. Then I decided to close the umbrella and followed my quick walk, those were the two longest blocks I've walked but at last I got home and told my mother while trying to find an explanation for what happened.
With the passing of the hours that scare was turning into intrigue, my mind kept turning over the issue, brooding confused trying to cling to logic, and today although a year has passed, every time I pass by that place I look at the sides asking I dozens of questions.
Do you believe in the paranormal?
Has something like this happened to you?
I would like to know your opinions and if you have them, your anecdotes.
I hope you liked this little post, dear readers. Until next time.



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