San Cristóbal
A small capital city of the state Táchira in Venezuela, full of greens and surrounded by mountains, gives me a view full of magic and colors, gives me the nature that is part of it, unique colors each a symphony, a palette of colors ; of greens, blues, walking through its streets I remember every moment I have lived in them, walks, joys, forgetfulness and sadness, fast days and days in which I can contemplate every space I walk.
And since not loving the place that has seen you grow, I have walked for 27 years on this earth, I have made friends in it, I have laughed and cried, we all love the small space where we were born because we are part of it and he is part of us wherever we go, every time I walk I see small details that make me understand the reality of my city and my country, photography is just an instant that frames the truth and what my eyes see, beauty or decadence, happiness or sadness, green or gray; all in one place depending on the point of view with which time.
Buildings, houses, small spaces covered with light; the cold of the mountain clothes San Cristóbal but the sun does not forsake it, it peeks through the clouds drawing bright days and sunsets full of hope, the warmth touches your skin just enough to warm the cold and icy wind that comes down from the Chorro del Indio National Park, the freshness of your afternoons is the best climate that you can ask for a place.
Between valleys and mountains the powerful sky lets see the freshness of the landscapes and how beautiful is my city that stopped in time for reasons of destiny, stop growing and consequently its population has gone walking to other places, to find way, to find destinations and life.
Its colors are a gift for me, beautiful plants grow from its soil and adorn each space, its clear sky lets see in its wake the deepest blue and small clouds that look like cottons in the immensity, the rain is responsible for maintaining the greens and the space cleared, clean and clear, perfect to observe it, how beautiful is my city, San Cristóbal Andina.
We must enjoy the place where we come from and where we are going, I think that every little thing, every memory, every photograph and every moment is something that is stored in a trunk of memories, love our earth and our planet, take care of it and echo the best way to be a good citizen, wherever we go to take as a flag the desire and tradition of our land and respect for what we are knowing.
San Cristóbal andina is the cradle of joy and tradition, a song dedicated to my beautiful city and I give it to you now:
I hope you liked the city where I live, Venezuela is a beautiful land with many places to explore, I hope you have liked this post and if any tips have to give me I will be eternally grateful to value and support the content of warm, Thank you very much Happy day.


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