It is fundamentally impossible to have freedom forever, nor would such be desirable.
It is the same idea as of being immortal and never dying.
You started as utterly free, and we started as utterly One.
We also didn't exist.
Bondage, to yourself, to become more, reproduce, and replicate, is the only way to experience and know freedom.
To seek universal unending freedom, is to bind yourself, and those you seek to advocate such a concept to, into perpetual purgatory.
The only way out is letting go of perfection.
Anarchy, whether you mean chaos, or order, can never last.
Because nothing can ever last.
That only thing that ever lasts, is change. And change, per anything lasting for any amount of length, is altered into a temporary permanence.
I present this idea to enable those who might read this to join me in letting go of the idea of creating a world where freedom is enabled in perpetuity.
That idea is utopian, borne out of natural amnesia.


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I'm not quite sure what you're getting at. The ideas you present are too vague to critique/discuss.
However, I will say this: the goal of anarchy is not utopia; it is not perfection.
The goal of anarchy is spontaneous order and free markets. Neither of these systems are perfect, as both have their own set of faults. But despite these faults, they lay the groundwork for establishing a society based on the least contentious Libertarian norm.
As for what you describe as "change", change would certainly not die out. Instead, we'd witness change at the market level, as free markets strive for innovation in technology and society.
   9mo ago