Hello friends, good morning, first of all I thank you for the support provided since I started on this platform, here I am as in other opportunities asking for help, raising funds, to continue in this immense struggle in which we are, the day of 30 August they sent us to do a virtual Pet, I am still waiting for the budget and they are not giving according to them because they are still making arrangements for the 16% tax increase I have to wait until Thursday, but the doctor indicated that I was at approximately 9,500. Bolivares Soberanos, that would be 950,000,000 Bolivares Fuertes.

Oncological virtual pet is a MAGNETIC RESONANCE OF ENTIRE BODY, acquiring molecular images of TOTAL BODY DIFFUSION with a coronal plane assembly and contrast inversion, giving a final result of graphic interface type PET (VIRTUAL PET)

Virtual pet is used for the detection of abdominal tumors and malignant pathologies throughout the organism, showing greater spatial resolution, great sensitivity (95%) and specificity (90%), metastasis search in patients with cancer, only gadolinium is injected, no uses radioactive material.



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I've heard PETs can have side effects so please be sure you actually trust and believe the doctors know what they are talking about. He looks like an awesome child with a great spirit. Good luck!
   3wk ago
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@Bitcoincashmerch Hello friend, thank you God bless you, well, until the moments in the hospital say that it is the exam to perform, God allow everything to go well.
I have the nerves of tips they gave us the budget and costs the modicum sum of 28,180 Bolivares Soberanos, that is, 2,818,000,000 Bolivares Fuertes.
It is too large a sum, and for us something unattainable. Urgently needed.
My angel, is a warrior, eager to live to return to his school and practice his favorite sport again Baseball
   2wk ago