Hello friends, I thank you for the support provided, here I am on other occasions asking for help, raising funds, to continue in this immense struggle in which we are, two days ago by this same means request help, to perform special PET Virtual exam not me had even delivered the budget because they were in arrangements for the 16% tax increased a few weeks ago, the doctor had told me that the exam was approximately 9,500 Bolivares Soberanos or 950,000,000 Bolivares Fuertes as it turns out that the budgeted value is 28,180 Bolivares Soberanos or 2,818. 000,000 Bolivares Fuertes a sum unattainable for us and has a budget of 72 hours.
For those who did not see my previous post, my son Carlos Raul 7 years old and suffers from Hodgkin's lymphoma, chemotherapy is urgently needed and at this time he needs a special PET Virtual Exam, to detect if he metastasized
Oncological virtual pet is a MAGNETIC RESONANCE OF ENTIRE BODY, acquiring molecular images of TOTAL BODY DIFFUSION with a coronal plane assembly and contrast inversion, giving a final result of graphic interface type PET (VIRTUAL PET)
Virtual pet is used for the detection of abdominal tumors and malignant pathologies throughout the organism, showing greater spatial resolution, great sensitivity (95%) and specificity (90%), metastasis search in patients with cancer, only gadolinium is injected, no uses radioactive material.


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