Please i request for help, i have tried everything in this life, i don't want to start lambasting this article with my poverty history, i am just trying not to give up by asking your help,please if you are in the position to, helping me you are helping all of us in my family, we have been living like refugees, we can't eat 3 square meals, we can't even pay for my little sisters exam fees, this is so frustrating to me as a man. it is very unfortunate i find myself in this kind of life and corrupt country, i wish i was born in the developed countries, like usa, Australia, Uk etc. This suffering has gotten too worst to bare for my family and i.
please, anyone can hire me for any Job, i can come work for you in any country, i can work both professionally; companies and organisations and non-professional; nanny, house help, sweeper etc. Please i am very desperate, my family are dying silently with poverty and suffering, before it leads to chronic sickness and diseases i need to do something, i have tried in my country to get a job for 4 years now, it seems impossible, last night i prayed in tears before going to bed, i had a dream that i was working in other developed country and sending my family money, and also have achieved my dream, so probably God is asking me to try and ask for Job here on yours. Please i seek your indulgence. I can work for anyone, i can speak English fluently. This is my email
If i could get a sponsor instead. I have a website:, i am searching for a sponsor or a partnership, which we could make an agreement of the amount of percentage that will be shared from the monthly resources. There is power in Adsense and affiliation programs using website, just like Youtube ads, website ads is even more profitable, all i need is money to kick off. I have already developed this website, it is user friendly, i intend to add a little facebook sensation of likes and dislikes button for each post, with a friendly-conversational comment box, which will make it very addictive around the world, it is simple and less data consuming. There will be gadget which will enable visitors stay more time on this website, thereby generating much more income, the more time a visitor stays, the more money, you can imagine if i have 1m visitors/traffic for a start, it will generate much money. Also i will embed live match on this web, each match is 90 min, if 20 visitors watch a 90min match on this website, it generate lots of dollars. I have a great Marketing skills, in no time this website will be very popular, i will put in all of my efforts and energy into it. Please if anyone has the capacity to help me with any of this, i will forever be indebted and loyal.
I sincerely from my heart thank all yours members for the previous help, may God reward you abundantly. This might be my very last post on yours, but i will still have you all in heart. Thank you and stay blessed.


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US, UK, Australia are corrupt countries as well, trust me, plenty of poverty and misery in them as well.
   2mo ago
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Oh my goodness, and all this years i have been thinking this countries knows no poverty, in that case this World is full of misery then. Why will our creator abandon us to suffer in the hands of corrupt people and evil people. I wonder what most people in my category are facing in different locations of the World, some has lost hope, some live by begging, some are on the streets,homeless, helpless. Poverty will bend a person to become like an animal which is just existing. I can't thank you enough Sir, you have made Mum cry a tears of Joy, you will ever be remembered, this means alot to me. God bless you beyond measures Sir. I really appreciate. May God try to change the situation of this World, the injustice, poverty, misery, pain, suffering, oppression, spiritual wickedness in high places etc. Again thank you Sir, remain blessed now and forever.
   2mo ago